How to works Foodbook Multi Delivery Fees addons?

Foodbook Multi Delivery Fees for Foodbook add a custom delivery fees based on the kilometre and zip code. In this addon, you will be able to add kilometre wise delivery fees and zip code wise delivery fees. This addon builds with some nice and easy option where you will add fees easily. There has 2 types of delivery location option one is address-based another is zip code based. If you will use the address-based delivery location you will add multiple delivery fees kilometre wise, and if you use zip code wise delivery location you will add zip code wise multiple delivery fees. This addon work for Foodbook ( Single branch ) and Foodbook multi branch both of the plugins. So you could set multi delivery fees for a single branch or multibranch.

Kilometre Wise Delivery fees:

Zip Code Wise Delivery Fees:

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